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고토유코 31

고토 유코 Album - Gigson

AMELIA 作詞·曲 : 後藤邑子 編曲 : 田辺卜ッノ You always wish upon stars I don't know wht you long for Because everything that I need is here by my side We named some stars out of reach Listend to the wind sung We are little kids but We know what is worth for us Someday you'll find that what you've been longing for is Hear in this small town you don't like Someday I say the words I've naver said to anyone else ..

고토 유코 album GOTOSON ごとそん

고토 유코의 앨범「ごとそん」입니다. 발매일 : 2010년 1월 13일 8, 90년대 애니메이션 인기곡들을 커버한 '고투더 커버 앨범' 이라 불러도 손색이 없을 정도입니다. Track 01. TOUGH BOY 02. ラムのラブソング 03. ガンモ・ドキッ! 04. デリケートに好きして 05. 空へ… 06. 恋の呪文はスキトキメキトキス 07. ストップ!!ひばりくん! 08. Lはラブリー 09. ちょっと辛いあいつ 10. ひとりぼっちのデュエット 11. 美しさは罪 12. コブラ 13. 聖闘士神話~ソルジャードリーム~ 14. Angel Night~天使のいる場所~ 15. ごめんねカウボーイ 歌曲:TOUGH BOY 歌手:後藤邑子 所属专辑:ごとそん TVアニメ[北斗の拳2]オープニソグ 作詞/曲∶TOM 歌∶後藤邑子 Welcome to ..